Saturday, September 27, 2008

Solution to Friday's Word Sudoku Puzzle

Solution to Friday's Word Sudoku Puzzle

Yesterday's Classic 9x9 Word Sudoku puzzle was based on the word VULCANIZE:
The every-other-Saturday Diagonal Word Sudoku puzzle coming right up.

And next Wednesday, October 1, we'll depart from our usual daily Classic Word Sudoku puzzle for a few days to bring you more than a week's-worth of "Qudoku" puzzles, where you first solve a Word Sudoku puzzle of varying grid size, and then use some of the letters to feed a quote. I've presented a few Qudoku examples here in earlier blog entries, but they were usually of Sudoku grid size 16x16, which are very difficult. In October, I'll show you how the grid size can be made manageable, and I'll demonstrate the wide variety of quips, quotes and word forms that can fit into the puzzle form. That's beginning next month.


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