Thursday, July 2, 2009

Extra Word Sudoku Puzzle for Thursday, 7/2/2009

This past Monday, on her puzzlebits blog (, Karen Richards, former editor of Games Magazine and author of several puzzle books, posed the following question:
How many words can you think of that contain the consonants V, L and T in that order and no others?”
Karen poses one of these “Constant Consonants” puzzles every Monday or so, with her list of solutions coming the following Wednesday. These puzzles are more challenging than they look at first glance! I’ve had trouble just following the rules…clearly posted on her blog!

Today’s extra Qudoku puzzle set challenges you to uncover eight of the VLT words I thought of, using an 8x8 Word Sudoku puzzle to supply the necessary letters.

8x8 Constant Consonants Word Sudoku: VLT
Each row, column, 2x4 rectangle and the set of circled letters contains the letters in the anagram exactly once
Copy circled letters to the corresponding numbered cells in the quote grid to spell out eight "Constant Consonants" VLT words

As always, any errors in my word list—words that don’t follow Karen’s rules—are my own fault! Solution in the morning.


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