Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Word Sudoku puzzle book available on Amazon

Last March I introduced you to a new Word Sudoku puzzle variant I created, 3-Letter Hidden Word Sudoku. A number of puzzles share three common letters, so I drop those letters from each puzzle, giving you a shorter anagram. When you solve the puzzle you discover the longer word.

For instance, the three words BEACON, UNBRACED and MATCHBOXES share the three letters ABC; remove them from each word and form anagrams from what remains. So you might see a 6x6 Word Sudoku puzzle with the three-letter anagram ONE, spelling BEACON down the diagonal; an 8x8 puzzle with the five-letter anagram UNDER spelling out UNBRACED; and a 10x10 puzzle with the seven-letter anagram THEM SOX spelling out MATCHBOXES.

I’ve renamed this puzzle variant Missing Letter Hidden Word Sudoku and written a series of puzzle collections on this theme. The first volume in this series is now available for purchase on Amazon!
Please check out http://www.amazon.com/Missing-Letter-Hidden-Word-Sudoku/dp/1481101390/.

Volumes 2-9 (ACE, BAD, CEL, DOC, ELM, FIE, GAS and “3 of UVWXYZ”) will follow in the next few months. Obviously I’m working my way through the alphabet! But I’ve got some sports themes and some animal themes, too…


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