Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 MagicWordSquare posting schedule

Happy New Year! 

I hope you enjoy visiting this blog, hopefully on a regular basis. Please follow it!

I started Magic Word Square almost five years ago-and more than 4,200 posts ago-to explore the fun of playing with words and letters. The fact that one set of letters can be used so many different ways—one word can mean so many different things, one sentence can be interpreted many different ways—is part of the attraction.

I’m still hoping that a publisher will realize there’s a market for books of this sort of puzzles. But I’m not waiting; I’ve already published one book myself, Missing Letter Hidden Word Sudoku Vol 1: ABC (explanation: http://magicwordsquare.blogspot.com/2012/12/word-sudoku-puzzle-book-available-on.html; on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Missing-Letter-Hidden-Word-Sudoku/dp/1481101390/) and I have about three dozen more coming to Amazon in the next year.

The overall posting schedule remains complex because I post according to four different interweaving schedules: (1) daily; (2) monthly, and (3) on specific dates throughout the full year, usually historical.

Here’s the 2013 schedule.

Daily posting schedule, each week
  • Mon: 6x6 Word Sudoku puzzles
  • Tue: 8x8 Word Sudoku puzzles
  • Wed: 9x9 Hidden Word Sudoku puzzles
  • Thu: 9x9 Classic Word Sudoku puzzles
  • Fri: 10x10 Word Sudoku puzzles
  • Sat: Swifty Sudoku
  • Sun: Sunday Challenge

As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, a Swifty Sudoku puzzle is a Qudoku puzzle set spelling out a hopefully very bad adverbial pun. And the Sunday Challenge is a 12x12 Hidden Word Sudoku puzzle. My local newspaper (The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon) publishes 9x9’s all week of increasing difficulty; then it publishes a 16x16 on Sunday, which I find too hard to do in a reasonable time. So I’ve created something in-between that includes a hidden word or phrase.

Monthly posting schedule
I’ll also challenging you with a regularly-scheduled set of extra Word Sudoku puzzles posted on the 15th of each month: Birthday Sudoku celebrates some of the famous and/or notable people born during the month. Solve the Word Sudoku puzzles(s) and spell out their names in the quote grid.

Specific date posting schedule And finally, I post based on historical dates.
  • Day of entering the union: State Sudoku (last year I included the largest city in each state, along with the state capital; this year it’s state trees and flowers)
  • Birthday: Presidential Sudoku (last year I included presidential nicknames; this year it’s vice presidents)

So in 2013, I’m posting more than 500 Word Sudoku puzzles. Please use the blog’s comments to let me know what you think—what you like, what you don’t; what you’d like to see more of or perhaps less of. And please follow this blog!


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