Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Extra (Words within) Word Sudoku Puzzles for Tuesday, 5/19/2020: "TV REINS"

Here's my latest weekly offering of extra "Word within Word" Sudoku puzzles to give you something to take your mind off everything else still dragging on.

This week's extra puzzles are based on the seven letters in the anagram TV REINS. Each of the first 16 Word Sudoku puzzles uses six of the anagram's seven letters and is labeled with the letter to OMIT; each of the last two puzzles uses all seven letters, forming different one-word anagrams. These two 7x7 puzzles are very difficult.

In each puzzle, the hidden word spells out in the shaded cells. And as always, the one rule is:

Each row, column, 2x3 rectangle (or internal shape in the 7x7s) contains each of the letters

You can print this page and solve the puzzles with your pen or pencil. Or you can click on the label below each puzzle and solve it online interactively. Please let me know your suggestions for how you'd like to interact with the puzzle and its layout (comment on the blog).

6-letter hidden words that are common words or names:

6-letter hidden words that are uncommon and/or obsolete words or names:

7-letter anagrams:

Solutions Thursday (about 48 hours from when this posted).


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