Friday, May 30, 2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Friday, 5/30/2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Friday, 5/30/2008

Each day I give you a new Sudoku puzzle to solve--but they're not the normal puzzles using the numbers 1-9. These puzzles are Word Sudoku puzzles, using the letters of a 9-letter word. (Or 8, or 12...we don't just do the obvious around here!) Today's puzzle is formed around the word NEURALGIC:

Each row, column and 3x3 square contain the letters in the word or phrase exactly once

I'll publish the solution first thing tomorrow morning, Pacific time (Saturday), and I'll publish a new puzzle for you later in the day. And be sure to drop by Sunday morning, when I ask you to solve my Sunday Challenge--a 12x12 (3x4 internal rectangles) Hidden Word Sudoku! It'll stretch those "thinking abs" a different direction, if you've been imbibing only 9x9 (3x3 internal squares) Sudoku!


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