Sunday, May 25, 2008

Solutions to Saturday's Word Sudoku Puzzles

Solutions to Saturday's Word Sudoku Puzzles

The classic Word Sudoku puzzle, FILAMENTS, was easy, wasn't it?

The diagonal Word Sudoku puzzle, MORPHINES, required you to include the diagonals, but that actually gives you MORE information! Once you realize that, filling in the letters speeds up.

As you thought about how to solve the 8x8 hidden Word Sudoku puzzle OH UP I ARE (EUPHORIA), you probably quickly realized that when internal grouping are only 2 columns wide, you have ENORMOUS information! Study the solution above: Whatever set of symbols is in the lower half of one column MUST be the same set of symbols in the upper half of the opposite column. That realization makes 2-column Sudoku puzzles a lot easier.

In later posts, I'll show you some 2x7 Word Sudoku Puzzles (that act as keys to phrases you have to figure out) that are quite fun--or, at least, *I* think so!

New puzzles will be posted later today, including a "Sunday Challenge"--a 12x12 Hidden Word Sudoku puzzle (with 3x4 internal rectangles)!


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