Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Extra (Words within) Word Sudoku Puzzles for Tuesday, 4/7/2020: "AND I GEL"

We're playing a waiting game with coronavirus, only without a game clock! That frustrating uncertainty is causing a lot of people I know untold angst. I will do what little I can while we're all #AloneTogether: Here are some extra challenges to help you use your mind creatively—and possibly escape your pressures for a little while.

This is a new variant of Word Sudoku for which I'm planning a series of books. Look for the first one later this year on my Amazon author page, www.bit.ly/WordSudokuBooks.

Each of the first 16 Word Sudoku puzzles below uses six of the seven letters in the words AND I GEL, which is an anagram of three different common 7-letter words. Puzzles 17-19 provide you an extra set of challenges to uncover these three anagrams.

Each 6x6 Word Sudoku puzzle is labeled with the letter to OMIT. The hidden word spells down the shaded diagonal. In each of these puzzles, as always, the one and only rule is:

Each row, column and 2x3 rectangle contains each of the six letters

You can print this page and solve the puzzles with your pen or pencil. Or you can click on the label below each puzzle and solve it online interactively. Please let me know your suggestions for how you'd like to interact with the puzzle and its layout (comment on the blog).

6-letter hidden words that are common words or names:

6-letter hidden words that are uncommon and/or obsolete words or names:

7-letter anagrams:
Each of the following three puzzles is a one-word anagram of the seven letters in AND I GEL. The hidden word spells across the shaded row. 7x7 Sudoku puzzles are MUCH harder! Some might even say…fiendish. Good luck.

Each row, column and internal shape contains each of the seven letters

Solutions Thursday evening (48 hours after this post).


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