Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Wednesday, 2/18/2009

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Wednesday, 2/18/2009

One of the world’s leading practitioners in the field of public relations, Richard Edelman, came to my hometown of Portland, OR yesterday to present the latest findings of the 10th “Trust Barometer” global opinion leaders study. Mr. Edelman is the President and CEO of Edelman, known as the world’s leading independent public relations firm.

The bottom line: Public trust in corporations, the media and all levels of government is at a 10-year low—even lower than after the Enron debacle. The public no longer looks to business to lead the way in solving the many issues facing us today. The survey found that the public believes government has the primary responsibility for solving these issues. Mr. Edelman said that business must join in partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations to play a role.

Mr. Edelman made the business case that trust affects—even helps define—the bottom line; then he exhorted business to simply be transparently honest in its actions, and to remember that the audiences business is attempting to attract, serve and keep are no longer limited to customers and stockholders. We also must take into account ‘stakeholders.’ Concerned citizens. Watching. And talking to their neighbors. Ignore them to your detriment!

His talk and the Q&A lasted more than an hour, with many charts and graphs, so summarizing it all into one phrase is hardly fair, certainly not reasonable, and obviously glib. With those caveats, I present you the “5-second soundbite” of advice Mr. Edelman shared with the packed audience of Portland business, non-profit and government leaders. And since this a puzzle blog, I present you his advice in just nine letters—as a Hidden Word Sudoku puzzle.

“…As you say”

9x9 Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzle
Each row, column, 3x3 square and the set of gray cells down the diagonal contains the letters in the phrase exactly once
The hidden phrase is spelled down the diagonal

Solution first thing in the morning. For more information on Edelman’s 10th “Trust Barometer” global opinion leaders study, please visit


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