Monday, February 16, 2009

Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzle for Monday, 2/16/2009

Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzle for Monday, 2/16/2009

Today is neither Abe Lincoln’s birthday nor George Washington’s birthday. Instead, it’s a bit of a compromise: It’s the day the U.S celebrates both famous men’s days, the third Monday in February, known as President’s Day. On the 12th, Lincoln’s birthday, I gave you a puzzle quote from Lincoln; so today, I present you a Qudoku puzzle set spelling out a quote from Washington.

The quote uses 21 distinct letters of the alphabet. I give you three for free: d, k and v. And then I give you three 6x6 Word Sudoku puzzles using the other 18 letters, so once you solve the Word Sudoku puzzles you can feed the circled letters into the quote grid to spell out Washington’s quote.

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

Each row, column, 2x3 rectangle and set of circled letters contains the letters in the word exactly once
Copy circled letters to the corresponding numbered cell in the quote grid to spell out the quote

(Author's note: this is a corrected quote grid. Oops! Sorry about that!)

Solutions in the morning.


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