Saturday, February 14, 2009

Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzle for Saturday, 2/14/2009

Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzle for Saturday, 2/14/2009

Today is Valentine’s Day: Lovers, rejoice! And buy some candy…

There doesn’t appear to be one and only one person called St. Valentine. And the one man who this day might be in honor of, died on this date. Not an auspicious occasion for love, if you ask me. So how did this day come to celebrate relationships, etc.? Best guess of the scholars I consulted: an attempt by the early Church to re-direct a ‘pagan’ holiday. If that’s so, it worked pretty well…Hershey’s, anyone?

In honor of this lovely day to celebrate your relationships and indulge your passion for sweets, I offer you three quotes, each fed by the same four Word Sudoku puzzles—an entertaining intertwining if I ever created one!

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle

Each row, column, 2x3 rectangle and set of circled letters contains the letters in the word exactly once
Copy circled letters to the corresponding numbered cell in each quote grid to spell out the three separate quotes

Solutions in the morning.


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