Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Tuesday, 7/1/2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Tuesday, 7/1/2008

The list of 9-distinct-letter words and phrases I've amassed over the past couple of years as I've worked on this hobby/project/obsession (your pick!) is quite diverse. From "THURIBLES" to "TOWELRACK"; "ONSLAUGHT" to "OGREISHLY"; "FEUDALISM" to "FIREBOATS", on which yesterday's puzzle was based.

But names, cities and countries are also fair game in this game. Today's Word Sudoku puzzle is a great example; it's based on the word KURDISTAN.

Each row, column and 3x3 square contain the letters in the word or phrase exactly once

Solution tomorrow morning. Later tomorrow, two Word Sudoku puzzles for your enjoyment, the usual classic and a 9-letter Hidden Word Sudoku puzzle.


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