Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Challenge: New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Sunday, 8/3/2008

Sunday Challenge: New Word Sudoku Puzzle for Sunday, 8/3/2008

Each Sunday I give you a challenge, but one not as tough as I find in my hometown Sunday paper, The Oregonian, which publishes a 16x16 (number/letter) "Monster" Sudoku each Sunday. I usually can't finish them, so, much of the time, I don't even try...but I can finish these: 12x12 Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzles, where you get an anagram of the hidden word or phrase, which you "unveil" or discover as you solve the Sudoku. I usually run it down the diagonal, although of course it could be anywhere in the grid, in any direction.

Today's puzzle is based on the letters in the anagram BE RAVING FOUL, which contains a very obscure clue to the hidden word or phrase--obscure enough so that you'll see it when you're done, but it won't help you along the way. I know: that's mean! But what good themed crossword puzzle explains the theme ahead of time? So I don't, either.

(I construct crosswords, too, but I haven't yet sold any...what limited, amateur experience I have so far certainly convinces me that writing good, consistent clues is very, very hard! And to think: Will Shortz does that for a living... Speaking of Mr. Shortz, if you don't subscribe to NPR's Sunday Puzzle podcast yet, hurry over to NPR or iTunes and get it. It's first-rate and fun!)

Sunday Challenge: 12x12 Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzle: BE RAVING FOUL
Each row, column and 3x4 rectangle contain the letters in the word or phrase exactly once
The hidden word or phrase is spelled down the diagonal

Solution first thing in the morning.


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