Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solutions to Friday's Word Sudoku Puzzles

Solutions to Friday's Word Sudoku Puzzles

Yesterday concluded our 10-day discussion of Word Sudoku puzzles mixed with discoverable quotes (what I call "Qudoku") with some large and very tough puzzle grids--16x16.

I also presented a variation of such a large grid meant to make the puzzles simpler (and therefore more fun, at least to me!). I split the one large grid into two smaller grids. Here's the first Qudoku puzzle set again, with two 9x9 Word Sudoku puzzles supplying the letters to the quote grid.

In a little while, I'll return to the puzzle display format I've used since I began this blog--since it's Saturday, I'll present you normal-grid-size (9x9) Diagonal Word Sudoku puzzle.


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