Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Solutions to Tuesday’s Extra Word Sudoku Puzzles

Solutions to Tuesday’s Extra Word Sudoku Puzzles

The extra puzzles I posed yesterday were based on a word puzzle called Constant Consonants you’ll find at Host Karen Richards used to edit a well-known games magazine, and now shares ‘make-you-think’ puzzles a few times a week. Her “Constant Consonants” puzzles provide you with a string of consonants and then ask: How many words can you think of that contain the listed consonants, in order, and include no other consonants?
A recent puzzle asked about the consonants DRS, so I created four Word Sudoku puzzles whose solutions (I originally thought) met her puzzle’s requirements. Three were hidden word puzzles; the fourth was my own invention, a Qudoku puzzle where circled letters in the solution of the Word Sudoku puzzle spell out a quote—or in this case, a longer word. Here's where I fell down--Karen's rules clearly state "The given consonant(s) may be repeated, but only right in a row, with no intervening vowels." And that, the final word clearly does not do. I'm showing all the solutions here for those of you who solved it as a Word Sudoku puzzle, separate from the other puzzle. (Next time, Karen! Next time!)

A new Word Sudoku puzzle in just a bit. Karen publishes new entries in her blog every few days--please check it out!


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