Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzles for Thursday, 6/26/2008

New Word Sudoku Puzzles for Thursday, 6/26/2008

Two puzzles for you today. The first one is the easy one; I'm sure you'll dispatch it with ease. It's a classic 9x9 Word Sudoku puzzle based on the words HALF COURT:

Each row, column and 3x3 square contain the letters in the word or phrase exactly once

And now, the challenge. It comes in two parts: first, a 16x16 (4x4 internal squares) Word Sudoku Puzzle. You'll notice that a number of cells are circled and numbered; they're the letters used in the hidden quote in the second part of the puzzle. As you solve the Word Sudoku puzzle, you'll fill in the circled cells; then copy that letter into the cell in the quote grid with the same number, to (slowly) reveal a famous quote.

You can apply your "world knowledge" to the quote, to help you fill in more letters and then transfer them back into the Sudoku puzzle--but you don't need to do that; the Word Sudoku puzzle is designed to be solved independently of the hidden quote.

Each row, column and 4x4 square contains the letters in the word or phrase exactly once
Letters in the hidden word or phrase are circled and correspond to numbers in the answer rows

Please let me know what you think of this type of puzzle. I have compiled two whole books of these puzzles, aptly titled AEIOU SUDOKU, for the obvious reason.

Solutions tomorrow. And don't forget to visit Sunday for the Sunday Challenge!


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