Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Challenge: New Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzle for Sunday, 1/4/2009

Sunday Challenge: New Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzle for Sunday, 1/4/2009

Every Sunday I present you my Sunday Challenge, a bit more difficult Word Sudoku puzzle--a 12x12 grid with internal 3x4 rectangles and a 12-letter hidden word or phrase.

Today’s puzzle is based on the letters in the anagram LED RANCH TWIG.

Sunday Challenge: 12x12 Hidden Word Sudoku Puzzle
Each row, column and 3x4 rectangle contain the letters in the word or phrase exactly once
The hidden word or phrase is spelled down the diagonal

Solution first thing in the morning.

If you like puzzles--not just Sudoku--you must visit Trip Payne's Web site, Trip was one of the crossword puzzle solvers highlighted in the movie Wordplay a few years ago. If I remember correctly, he published his first crossword when he was 15. His Web site has lots of crosswords, many of them of the cryptic variety (which I've always been at a complete loss to solve). He also presents you criss-cross and word search puzzles. Please check it out!


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