Thursday, April 25, 2024

Extra Word Sudoku (Palindrome Sudoku!) Puzzles for Thursday, 4/25/2024

Aerate pet area.
Today's date, and actually all the dates between Saturday 4/20/24 and Monday, 4/29/24, are palindromes: Written with two digits for the year, the dates are the same forward or backward: 4/20/24; 4/29/24; etc.

During these ten days, I will offer you extra puzzle sets spelling out word palindromes—statements reading the same forward and backward (spelled out by solving Sudoku puzzles, of course). Since the second half of the quote is the first half backward, you'll have to fill that in on your own.

6x6 Word Sudoku Puzzle
Each row, column, 2x3 rectangle and set of circled cells contains the letters in the word exactly once
Copy circled letters to the corresponding numbered cells in the quote grid to spell out the palindrome

Solutions in the morning.



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