Monday, May 18, 2009

New Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzles for Monday, 5/18/2009

New Word Sudoku (Qudoku!) Puzzles for Monday, 5/18/2009

Today we're continuing our month-long focus on Qudoku puzzle sets—quotes you 'discover' by solving Word Sudoku puzzles. Late last week we began a new theme from detailing the top 5 breakup clichés (

Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey call themselves the Emily Posts of the modern bedroom. I think that fits: They've co-authored six books on sex and love and write for a long series of popular magazines, including Glamour, Slate and Men's Health. They blog on a couple of times a day on sex, love and everything else. And as I pointed out Friday, they obviously thoroughly enjoy their gig.

In mid-March, these online advice gurus wrote great articles on breakup clichés and breakup lies, which I'm turning into Qudoku puzzle sets over the next two weeks.

Emma and Lorelei listed the best or most-used "dumper" phrases. Here's the second of five: short and…not at all sweet.

9x9 Word Sudoku Puzzle
Each row, column, 3x3 square and set of circled cells contains the letters in the word exactly once
Copy circled letters to the corresponding numbered cells in the quote grid to spell out the quote

I'm willing to bet that you've heard this one, probably more than once! Solution in the morning.


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